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DisabledEnabled - a uniquetype of people with disabilitiesand their associated society social network, designed to helpthe disabled to avoid the troubles encountered in the journey due to available disabilities and to help draw attention ofinstitutions which are responsible for social integration. The idea came from the natural need to plan your route. Partialrestrictions on free movement (disabled in the wheel chair,blind, deaf-and-dumb, mental disability) originating for various reasons (injury, nature, disease) compel to think about the need for a tool that let you toget know about access to where you want to be (a foreign tour, a trip tofamous places, museum,hotel, university, etc.). Such a toolwill allow people to avoid further inconvenience anduncomfortable situationswhen you need to get to the right place, but this option simply was not provided.

Your city will be a place in the world with a unique and interactive system for the disabled spaces marked. For this example could follow cities all around the world, places, which planning to find a new client (theaters, cafes, famous tourist sites, ships, ferries, resorts …).


How does it work?

Disabled man (or his attendant) with the intention to obtaininformation about the opportunity to go toa favorite place in the world, sleep in the hotel adapted for disabled persons orvisit a significant area, need to download free mobile application for his smartphone that automaticallyinform theplanned route availability for your type of disability (blind, disabled in the wheel chair, deaf-and-dumb, mentaldisability). Ranking - the mostadapted places. Informs othersocial network members about the new opportunities to travel. In this way, informing each other we will adapt theworld for people with disabilities.

If someone with your type of disability has already been in that place and he felt good - you also can!

It is important to note that your selected unsuitable places willimmediately inform the adequate institutions about the situation. In order to assist the responsible State people we will help to each other. Such immediatecontribution mechanism will allow people which are belonging to thesocialexclusion to expand their own worldview.

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